Today was one of the first days that we really got out in to the thick of things. We are so blessed to have the relations here to help with things that we are doing. We bagged up about 100 food bags with rice, beans, tomato paste, fish and bullion to take out for food distribution.

Ivan, who teaches at Dottie’s school, went out to survey the area to see where some of the more needy folks were. The main concern was drawing attention to what was about to take place and causing utter chaos and danger. We soon found out that there are so many needs so close by. If you did not have a local person with knowledge of the area we would never have known about these incredible hurting places that are right before us. That is what is so scary about this whole thing down here. The big boys will not be getting to the areas that are not in the public eye. So many people are going to be overlooked.

We visited some of the areas around Dottie’s house and were quiet amazed at what we were experiencing. There are over 200,000 homeless and displaced people living in makeshift shelters made of tarps and whatever can be found for tent posts. We have only scratched the surface and no matter how long we stay we will still only be scratching the surface. It seems like help is so slow getting to where it needs to be.

We had to meet some doctors at the airport this afternoon and take them out to Tetayen. As I was sitting outside the airport I decided to look over the brick wall that separates the outside world. I stood up on the van and peeked over and was completely shocked. There on the tarmac where the U.N. tents are set up was a massive amount of food and supplies just sitting there. It really makes me angry that we have been moving around for 3 days now and have not really seen too much action by way of meeting needs. Less than a five minute walk from these tents are tarp cities where no help is arriving. I am desperately trying to understand why this is happening. Can anyone please tell me? I hate red tape and the beauracratic way of thinking. It is just wrong and people suffer because of it and there is no excuse, I do not care how you try to paint it. We got the doctor crew and got them up to Tetayen and dropped them off . We headed back to Port for the night. Tomorrow will be a new day. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.