Seems like the days go by so fast. I guess when you run from here to there all day time does move. We have accomplished a bunch so far in such a short time. The days are busy trying to meet the immediate needs of the areas that we have ties to. This will certainly have a trickle down effect on the people that are close to them.

We started out today to take some food supplies to Simon’s and Jimmie’s families. We bought food from Hyppolile at Maranatha food store to give to these guys. Our intent was to go to Carrefour, a small town in P.A.P. to deliver some relief supplies to our friends there. To get there we had to go through City Soliel, one of the hardest hit places and probably one of the more dangerous places to go. Most Haitians do not even care to enter in this area. The traffic was so bad and moving so slow we decided to just pull over and have our friends take a tap tap (taxi) and come to us. As we sat on the side of the road relaxing I heard this screech and loud bang. As I looked up I saw this truck hit a motorcycle and two people go sliding across the asphalt as the bike went out from underneath them. Harry was standing next to me and as we looked on we realize the passenger was a white lady on a tap tap. We all went running towards the accident. As we got there the girl was on the ground in obvious pain. We could not see any major injuries but she was hurt. Dale and I helped her to her feet and took her to the van. Turns out this young lady is a photographer from Brazil. She was very shaken up and trust me she was very fortunate that God placed us there at that time instead of having us continue on the road through a very dangerous area. I do not believe in luck or coincidence I just believe that God will take care of us when we are in his will. This girls name is Ana Bianca Merin and she is from San Palo, Brazil. She was down on a journaling trip. She had no business being in that area alone on a tap tap. Anyway she wanted us to take her to the Brazilian medical field hospital. Dale administered first aid and tried to comfort her the best he could. She had documents to get into the compound and as far as we know all is well with her. She was scheduled to go home in two days anyway.

We went on our way and met Jimmie’s dad, gave him some food supplies and headed back to Dottie’s. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. How He will allow us to be part of His plan will be a mystery until we wake up in the morning. I pray for continued wisdom and discernment on all things.
From the guest blogger… Dale Winslette

It’s day 4 In Country and the lasting impressions so far are a country reeling in word… DESPERATION…

Desperate for a semblance of normalcy…

Desperate for the comfort of a lost loved one(s)….

Desperate for shelter, running water and a bed under a stable roof….

The massive devastation is mind numbing at first in its scope and breadth…hard to assimilate at second, then finally it dawns on me something I already knew but just forget sometimes …Quite simply put… recognition that life in a third world country is just plain HARD !!!!!.

There are so many people living on the street, just trying to make whatever money they can, doing anything they can for simple necessities. Some are scavenging, others are selling whatever goods they can scrounge on the street, others digging thru the rubble to gather and strip bldgs of copper, tin and other materials for money from recycling operators. Tent cities are everywhere. Many just keep moving because the recognition of not moving forward means no charcoal for a fire, no rice for supper, or worse yet no safe place to rest for the long night ahead. Compound this with a natural disaster such as this massive quake and life becomes near impossible without perseverance and hope. Hope for a better tomorrow…..if you just keep pressing forward.
To Amy, my lovely wife and the boyz Wy and Jess.. I love you all… Keep the faith.

Love, Dale